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SERVICES - Wind Tunnel Construction


Also, the air guidance of wind tunnels can be open or closed. Because of the open design, the air is sucked out of the surroundings, flows through the measuring range and escapes at the other end into the open air. Closed air guides are ring-shaped.
Here, the air current captured after the measuring range by the collector and led back to the blower.
Low temperatures and high pressure can only be generated in closed wind tunnels (climatic wind tunnel). Wind tunnels for subsonic speeds can be several metres in diameter, while the size of wind channels for the high supersonic range shrinks to a few centimetres. (Source Wikipedia)

In consultation with specialist planners and current specialists, we, as steel constructors, supply you with the entire tunnel tubes with all diffusers, deflection corners, collector and nozzle to laser-measured accuracy. We produce our goods in our own factory and deliver the finished coated tunnel parts to your site. Here, the parts are installed in the building by our experience mounting teams.

You can rely on our many years of experience and have a look at our references.